Can I compost Egg Boxes

Compostable: Yes!

Category: Brown

Cardboard egg boxes are a great addition to your composter.  Don’t add plastic ones of course!

Due to their unusual shape, egg boxes are also very good at making sure there is some air in the compost heap, which helps ensure your decomposition takes place aerobically, allowing your organic material to break down as quickly as possible.

The cardboard of the egg carton itself can be a little slow to break down, so it is a good idea to tear the egg boxes up into smaller chunks and soak them in water for an hour to get things going a bit quicker.

Can I compost Eggshells

Compostable: Yes!

Category: Neutral

Before adding Egg Shells to your composter, rinse them out to remove any remaining egg white.  Then crush the egg shells into small pieces.  The reason for this is that egg shells do not decompose in the same way as a lot of organic material, they tend to just break down into smaller and smaller pieces.  However eggshells are a great source of nutrients for your soil and provide some structure to your compost.  Crushing them into small pieces gets the process of breaking them down off to a good start.